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Sherman Smith

The Certified Pre-Owned Home

The certified pre-owned car is, essentially, a used car without the risk. It is the dealer going out of their way to tell you that this vehicle is a great one, because it’s been vetted. It’s passed 100-point inspections. It’s been poked, prodded and tinkered with, and it’s achieved such high test results that the dealership feels confident enough that it adds warranties in to sweeten the deal. And buyers in America are finding the deal very sweet indeed; the sales of certified pre-owned cars have increased 46% since 2000 according to a J.D. Power and Associates study.

So why would a dealer go through all of this trouble to get you to take home a used car? Because cars that come certified pre-owned sell at a higher cost than other used cars. The dealer has found a way to make more money and give peace of mind to its customers in the process.

The idea of certified pre-owned has now found its way into the real estate market in the form of certified pre-owned home. Just as with a certified pre-owned car, the certified pre-owned home passes its own set of standards, special inspections, trials and tests. It eliminates the fear of the unknown that buyers have when shopping for a home. How old is the electrical? Is there undiscovered water damage? Is the plumbing up to speed? Exactly how sturdy is this foundation? A home that comes “Certified Pre-Owned” is a home without the headache and fears.

If you’re selling your home, why would you consider the route of the “Certified Pre-Owned Home”? For the same reason the car dealers do: the cash. Certified Pre-Owned Homes sell for an average of 4.65% higher than standard homes. That’s more money in your pocket and, let’s face it, less stress when it comes to selling. There won’t be any unexpected surprises when the new owners take over. Your buyer feels comfortable with the condition of the home, and because of that, your home sells more quickly. You get to walk away from the deal with a higher selling price and the confidence that you’ve delivered a safe and comfortable home for another family to grow in.

If you would like more information on getting your home Certified as a “Certified Pre-Owned Home”, give us a call at (714) 544-5445, or CLICK HERE,  you will be glad you did.

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